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How do the half-days or slots work?

It is now possible for owners to customize the rental for half a day from the "Rates" tab of the ad modification. To do this, the minimum rental duration must be set to 1/2 day.

1. Standard half-days

Initially if you are renting for half a day, the renters will be able to reserve an unlimited number of half days from you (as long as you accept the requests). Renters can indicate if they want the boat "in the morning", "in the afternoon" or "in the evening" but this has no impact on the unavailability of the ad.


  • If a standard half day is booked, the other renters can no longer rent by the entire day.
  • If a renter rents by the day, half days are no longer available.

2.  Customized half-days (Slots)

Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_15.29.15.png It is possible to add up to ten personalised slots by clicking on "customise half-days". The slots are ideal to replace the standard half-day system as they will allow you to define precise times for each slot with different rates.

The types of slots fall into two broad categories:

  • The predefined slots. They have a designation (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, AfterWork, Wake Session, Bachelor(ette) parties), a duration and a start time (optional). Each slot can only be booked once in the same day. (Example: Evening 3h // departure: 18h)
  • Time slots. They have a fixed duration, but no start time, and can be reserved for an unlimited number of hours in a day (Example: 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, etc.). /so you'll have to be well organized to avoid overbooking).

The predefined slots allow you to better inform the renters of the available half days and also to avoid overbooking.


Some details to know:
1/ If a slot is reserved, you can no longer rent by the day (Ex: if you have set up 3 slots (morning, afternoon and evening) and the evening slot is reserved, only the "morning" and "afternoon" slots will be available. If someone still wants to rent by the day, you can offer to reserve the remaining time slot by changing the price of the day.

2/ You won't be able to put a half-day slot unavailable for the moment. Only a reserved slot makes the slot unavailable.

3/ If you create 2 slots that overlap :

Slot 1: Wakeboard 3h // departure: 2pm,
Slot 2: one slot Afternoon 3h // departure: 14h,
If one of them is rented, this will not make the other slot unavailable. We therefore recommend that you do not set up slots with overlapping timetables.

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